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United Venture Regional Center

Pursuant to the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, United Venture Regional Center LLC ("UVRC") has submitted a proposal for designation as a regional center to direct alien investor capital into the real estate construction, development, and management projects in the Central Valley Region of the State of California. The proposed United Venture Regional Center includes Fresno, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Kings, and Kern counties. UVRC will focus on seven industries to help stimulate the local economies by creating commercial and residential developments in these counties.

Part of these developments include industries such as hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, office buildings, supermarkets, assisted living, apartment complexes, and residential housing. After approval is granted and permits are issued, the Project will then commence construction, rent out, or sell at a profit completed works when all investors successfully have conditions removed from their Green cards.

The six contiguous Central Valley counties within the UVRC are unique in their potential for economic upturn despite the present economic situation within the nation and specific to the state of California. Currently, California's agricultural production leads the nation with an annual value of $36.6 billion, including exports of more than $13.6 billion. The Central Valley counties are a significant portion of this total, with Stanislaus County being ranked number 6 among California's "Top Ten" agricultural product producers with $2.4 billion and San Joaquin County ranked number 7 with $2.1 billion.

This Project operates under the name United Venture Regional Center, LLC and has initiated the commercial and residential developments around these projects while awaiting final approval.

United Venture qualifies as an Immigrant Investor Pilot Program and only requires investments at the reduced $500,000 level. For more information, please contact UVRC representatives by clicking here or by calling (209) 669-0626.

Experience and Expertise

Over 30 years experience in the real estate industry
UVRC selects projects that are secure with a very high probability of return of investment (ROI) within the 5-year schedule of the EB-5 program. This provides the investor the opportunity to reinvest and participate in equity sharing on any UVRC project. more
EB-5 Investment Immigration Overview
The EB5 visa program, known also as the Green Card Investment Program, grants investors (including their spouse and children under 21 years of age) a permanent green card upon an investment of $500,000 into a US Government approved regional center. more
Current Projects
United Venture Regional Center offers projects that are poised to succeed in select areas of California, including a residential community in Kern County within California's Central Valley and a commercial development in Southern California. more

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