Westpointe Commercial Complex

A planned multifunctional office complex located in the heart of the Central Valley

Stanislaus County is located in the heart of the Central Valley in California in the county seat of Modesto. Historically, the county has been divided both socially and economically by the natural barrier of the San Joaquin River. West of the San Joaquin River, the county is largely agricultural with wine grapes as its primary product and remains rural while the east side is experiencing much growth due to its proximity to Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct.

Within the span of a nearly a decade, the city has grown 14% and is projected to experience accelerated growth in the future. Trends indicate that major parts of Stanislaus County are pushing towards urbanization. A large contributing factor towards this trend is the influx of residents moving into the county from the Bay Area for more affordable housing. Many cities within the County of Stanislaus are quickly becoming commuter towns.

With the growth of commuter towns within the county, the development of new residential communities would be highly profitable. Alongside the development of new residential facilities is the need for the retail infrastructure to support the population growth and for a more definitive push towards urbanization.

The proposed project in the City of Ceres in Stanislaus County is estimated to cover approximately 165,700 square feet and will have a retail commercial center with office buildings, a supermarket, a restaurant, and a residential facility. EB5 capital will be applied to the construction and capital equipment costs. Jobs will be created through the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of the business operations of the commercial retail center, residential community, and office buildings.




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